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 A 501 3c "not-for-profit" holistic healing center.We are close to Sevierville, Pigeon Forge & Gatlinburg, and about 30 miles east of Knoxville.Utopia Holistic Healing Center is located on a small farm in the shadows of the Great Smoky Mountains, in Sevierville, Tennessee.Situated in a beautiful country setting, the atmosphere of the location is both soothing and spiritual. The energy of the environment has a natural relaxing quality, automatically bringing the stress levels, of all that venture here, to a low level; many have not experienced in a long time. It is as if God placed the farm in a bubble of His Healing Energy and Unconditional Love. The setting is extremely conducive to self-reflection, self-discovery and self-healing.It is a haven situated on five acres surrounded by rolling hills, mountain views, and a spring-fed pond. Time is your own, and your experience with us is sure to be uplifting. Through relaxation, therapeutic & energetic touch and holistic healing, the goal is to help people cope with the pressures of life and experience complete health and vitality. The Center's focus is on creating a relaxing environment in which you will discover the secret of mind, body, and spiritual well being.

Utopia Healing Arts Center's Mission

Facilitate, enhance, and expedite the self-discovery, self-healing and general well being of the total individual, as well as the community. This Holistic/Wholistic approach takes into account all the components of an individual: the physical,mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual.


Rev. Linda D. Brown
National Holistic Spiritual Healer and Practitioner



The founder of Utopia Healing Arts Center, Rev. Linda Brown, opens her Center to healing gatherings, where Love, Light and Spiritual Healing Energy facilitates self-healing for all that come seeking.

Rev. Linda is originally from the state of Florida, and has been in Tennessee now for more than 25 years. She has traveled many states and created miracles in her client’s lives, through the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Rev. Linda has been practicing healing for more than 25 years. Rev. Linda D. Brown, is a National Holistic Spiritual Healer and Practitioner. She has experienced healing herself at 38 years of age of a silent cendiamic stroke. She did this through the alternative way using methods such as inner wisdom, change of diet, herbal medicines, the laying on of her hands, and her head claiming renewal of mind, body and spirit through the power of the Holy Spirit. Also, at age 47, she was diagnosed with Lupus and Fibromyalgia. She was confined to bed for about 2 years. At this time, God called her to create a Healing Center for all who hurt spiritually, emotionally and physically to come and be set free; to come and reconnect with their inner being as One with God.

As a spiritual healer and intuitive, she has a wonderful rapport with the spirit world. She calls upon the Holy Spirit for guidance and clarification in all ways. Rev. Linda is a powerful healer, a pure light vessel through which healing can transpire. However, the client is the one who works directly with the tools Spirit provides them to move forward.

Rev. Linda is also a teacher who guides clients to become masters of their own mind, body and soul through visualization and meditation. She believes that we all have the power to connect to the Creator within and heal ourselves. She feels this is our responsibility and she is here to help create the miracles.

Rev. Linda’s healing sessions are deep and transforming. The sessions are to release unresolved and blocked energies of the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies. These energies, when trapped and blocked, cause “dis-ease” and traumatize the body.

The work she does is profound and a wonderful way to transmute and/or eliminate the Dark into Light and Love. This is essential for self-healing and spiritual growth.

You will experience a total new sense of love and light, and a freedom you have never felt before.


Philippians 4:13

Some of, but not all of, Linda's experience is in the following:

Intuitive Reiki Master
Anointed Spiritual Healer
Spiritual Hypnosis
Intuitive Consultant
Holistic Healing Consultant
Herbal Consultant
Nutritional Consultant
Body "Energy" Works
Inner Child Healing Techniques
Integrated Kinesiology
Spirit Release Technique
Relaxation/Meditation Coach
Intuitive Dreaming 

Below is a menu of our services.

This is a partial list and will be undergoing continuous additions.

Holistic Coaching - in times when things are overwhelming, everyone can use help. God works through Rev. Brown, enabling them to coach and guide you through a process of self-discovery and self-healing. This process works for stress, health challenges, emotional unrest, anger issues and many other issues. The truly amazing thing is that "GOD and You" do the healing. You are not healed by us-we are only God's tools.

Spirit Release Therapy - people can come under the influence of detrimental energies and harmful spirits, affecting their behavior and health. With God's help, Rev. Brown can help in releasing these energies, these spirits, to the Light.

Body "Energy" Works - negative energies, stress, anger, grief and many other energies and emotions can become stuck in one's body. Body "Energy" Works is an integrated technique facilitating the release of these negative emotions and energies.

Relaxation/Meditation Coaching - with the pressures of the workplace, the stress of modern day life and the increasing higher energies coming into our world, it is very difficult to relax. With God's guidance, Rev. Brown work with the body, mind and spirit of the client to facilitate relaxation. They also use guided meditation to help bring relaxation.

Intuitive Reiki Energy - Rev. Brown practice's and teach's Intuitive Reiki. This wonderful spiritual energy, from God, relaxes and facilitates healing in self & others.

Healing the "Inner Child" - many times adults find themselves affected by traumatic experiences from their childhood. This hurt "inner child" of the adult, no matter the age, can be reached through relaxation, and other means. As a result, self-healing is done both by the "inner child" and the adult.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) - EFT is wonderfully effective for phobias, fears, and addictive cravings. EFT is also effective in countless other areas, and with almost all challenges charged with negative emotion and/or stress. EFT is simple, yet so powerful. This is another gift by the grace of our Father.

Intuitive Dreaming - you can learn how is use your dreaming to give you answers to your issues, help with problem resolution and receive needed information for your life's questions. This wonderful gift from God is very effective in finding answers.